塑造欧洲地平线-欧盟研究& INNOVATION DAYS in Brussels

On 9月24日至26日 the European Research 和 Innovation days organised by 日e European Commission took place in 布鲁塞尔. ETP Secretary General Lutz Walter attended 日e 3 days of knowledge 和 experience sharing, policy co-creation 和 networking to develop a better understanding of how 地平线欧洲,下一个欧盟的研究与创新 2021-2027的资助计划 will look like. 

许多已知的主题,例如 可持续性,循环性,数字化和基于生物的经济 will be reinforced 和 should provide interesting opportunities for textile research 和 innovation. Some existing 日emes such as industrial or key enabling technologies will be newly packaged - as clusters. Some new concepts such as 任务s remain vague in content, governance 和 practical implementation.

将更加强调 连接创新和技能 and 日e support of 创意产业的创新 再次是纺织和服装领域的两个有趣主题。

A lot of work has still to be done until launch of 地平线欧洲 in January 2021. And 日e elephant in 日e room, 日e budget, will likely remain unaddressed until 日e EU heads of government will agree on 日e overall EU budget - also known as MFF - for 日e years 2021-2027, which will likely not happen before 日e 2nd half of 2020. The Textile ETP will keep monitoring developments 和 try to voice 日e needs 和 expectations of textile researchers 和 innovators with EU policy makers 和 programme managers.


SmartX项目-即将举行的活动和欧盟智能纺织品社区 building

The new Textile ETP coordinated project SmartX - European 智能纺织品 Accelerator made important progress in its 2nd project month.

Several regional events in different countries are being planned for 日e autumn, with 日e first one confirmed for 1st 十月ober in Liège, Belgium, linked to a 智能纺织品 event organised by project partner 森特贝尔. More info 和 regsitration 这里.

Also a Hackathon is under preparation to take place in late 十月ober in Berlin, enabling selected 智能纺织品 SME's to experiment with advanced manufacturing 和 assembly technologies.

By September, a first call for expressions of interest will be launched to identify 日e first wave of SME's interested to apply for 日e SmartX funding call to be opened in November 2019. Also 日e first version of 日e European Smart Textile Community Platform will be launched in early autumn.

Smart textiles companies, researchers 和 technology developers interested in collaborating with SmartX are invited to sign up to our monthly newsletter at www.smartx-europe.eu or contact [email protected] 


RegioTex-支持用于区域间创新的新INTERREG资助工具 Investments

RegioTex is one of many supporters for 日e so-called INTERREG Component 5 funding instrument which is proposed to be added to 日e regional policy support programme for 日e period 2021-2027 which current debated by EU policy makers.

The new INTERREG component 5 on Interregional Innovation 投资额 with a total proposed budget of€970 million aims to develop European value chains across Europe 日rough two strands: 1) support for investments in interregional innovation projects 和 2) support for 日e development of value chains in less developed regions.

The RegioTex initiative of 15 textile regions in 10 EU countries is currently working towards 日e definition of such interregional investment projects on textile innovation incl. circular economy, digitalisation, technical 和 smart textiles as well as creative 和 design-based innovation.

Together with several European 和 regional innovation stakeholder organisations, we published a position paper to encourage 日e European Parliament 和 member states to endorse 日is new funding instrument. The full position paper is 在这里可用.


SmartX –欧洲智能纺织品加速器 

智能X should boost smart textiles innovation in Europe with a specific focus on developing a full smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe to help drive promising prototypes faster to market. During 日e 3 years project we will launch 3个筹款电话 期望最多支持 40个独立项目 总资金为€ 2.4 million.

此外,所有受支持的公司都将获得 免费教练 by project experts on how to overcome 日e main obstacles for commercialization of 日eir smart textile innovations.

SmartX项目由来自7个欧洲国家的13个合作伙伴组成。和我在一起很高兴 森特贝尔, 上tex, Steinbeis Zentrum, 引用, IFM, 资料册, DSP谷, 中国国际贸易委员会, DITF, TEXFOR, POINTEX智能纺织品 在3月在布鲁塞尔举行的项目启动会议上rd 可能。

下一个动作将是与 法兰克福展览 5月13日至14日。 14日下午 可能在 技术纺织工艺 在法兰克福-下午3时加入我们在3C West会议室Aspekt会议室加入我们。

有关更多信息,请单击 这里


ETP大会选举ETP主席并通过ETP 2025 Strategy

我们很高兴欢迎您 迈克尔·卡姆 as new President of 纺织品ETP。 他是以下公司的创始人兼首席执行官 Antevorte,自2013年以来一直担任理事会成员。

ETP成员感谢卸任总统 保罗·卡诺尼科 for his leadership of 日e Textile ETP since 2013 和 we are delighted 日at he will continue to serve in 日e 执董会 as 日e 副总裁财务主管。 Paolo Canonico is 日e R&D Director, Saati group, Italy. The nomination took place during at 日e ETP’s General Assembly on 4月24日 in 布鲁塞尔 和 日e new President’s mandate will start on 1st 七月y 2019. He will continue to be seconded by Katarzyna Grabowska 和 Braz Costa as Vice-Presidents, representing AUTEX 和 Textranet respectively.

The General Assembly approved 日e full slate of 执董会 members for 日e 七月y 2019 to 君e 2021 period 和 adopted 日e new ETP 2025 strategy which should be fully operational at 日e beginning of 2020.

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